2017 Golden Post Award Winners

The 2017 Golden Post Awards honoring outstanding use of social media in government were announced on April 12, 2017, at the 2017 Government Social Media Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas.


Chris Hsiung

Captain Chris Hsiung Mountain View Police Department, CA Captain Hsiung is well-known in the public sector social media community and is a long-time advocate and proponent of the use of social media in law enforcement. He has held several leadership positions in the field and continues to teach and mentor the next generation of social media managers.


Lost Teddy

The social network got involved in the Golden Post Awards this year and awarded a “Facebook Favorite” trophy to the City of Round Rock, Texas, for their “Lost Teddy Alert” series of posts on Facebook. It started with the simple goal of reuniting a stuffed animal with its owner, but turned into a showcase of downtown Round Rock in a creative and engaging way. As they crowdsourced the community to find the teddy’s person, they took artistic images of the little bear hanging out at notable places in the community while it waited to go home. View the original Facebook post and the reuniting ceremony!


1st PLACE Town of Gilbert, Arizona “Can’t Stop The Feeling’ Video”  The Town of Gilbert, Arizona, produced a video featuring residents ranging from an infant to 92 years old – all dancing to the tunes of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. The viral video was so well done that Timberlake himself shared and praised Gilbert’s video to his Twitter and Facebook followers. The social video has nearly half a million views on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and they gained hundreds of new followers. The agency notes that people who had never heard of Gilbert wanted to move to their community and residents expressed how proud they were to live there.

2nd PLACE Utah Department of Transportation “Don’t Crowd the Plow”

3rd PLACE Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services, California “Social Media for the Whole Community”



1st PLACE Lawrence Kansas Police Department “Drunk Driving and Tortilla Chips”

Tostitos announced they would be releasing a bag that could detect the presence of alcohol on someone’s breath, news outlets reported that the bag could determine whether a person was over the legal limit to drive. The Lawrence Police Department tweeted to citizens that they should absolutely never trust a chip bag to determine their level of impairment. The tweet then went viral and was featured on ESPN, Comedy Central and national and international news outlets.

2nd PLACE Texas Department of Transportation “#WeShouldntHavetoTellYouThis: Don’t PokemonGO and Drive”

3rd PLACE Fort Worth Police Department, Texas “Stormtrooper Recruitment Video”


Tattletale Tuesday


1st PLACE Orem Police Department, Utah “#Tattletale Tuesday” Orem Police Department created a way to get the public’s help in identifying suspected criminals with their “Tattletale Tuesday” posts on Facebook. Since it’s inception, the candid, lighthearted and authentic posts have had a 90% success rate in identifying suspects and has helped solve crimes where the evidence had run cold. View a Tattletale Tuesday post.

2nd PLACE Orange County Sheriff’s Department, California “OC Jail Escape”

3rd PLACE Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation-Game Wardens “Oklahoma Game Wardens Use Facebook to Solve Wildlife Crime”


TDOT Safety Message










1st PLACE Tennessee Department of Transportation “Safety Message Contest” TDOT created an online contest to raise awareness of driver safety by allowing citizens to submit their own safety messages. The public voted on winning messages, which were displayed statewide on the overhead electronic interstate signs. They cleverly used social media to promote the contest by sharing some of the worst entries and the #whatsyoursign hashtag. A whopping 2,500 entries were received and 7,500 votes were cast. Previous winning entries include: “Turn signals, the original instant messaging”, “Get the cell off your phone and drive”, “Practice safe text. Don’t do it while driving”, “You’re in Tennessee. Volunteer to drive safe”, and “Ain’t nobody got time for a wreck. Slow it down.”

2nd PLACE City of Orlando’s Downtown Development Board/ Community Redevelopment Agency, Florida “Best of DTO Photo Contest 2016”

3rd PLACE City of Round Rock, Texas “Lost Teddy Alert”



1st PLACE City of Orlando, Florida “Pulse Night Club Tragedy” June 12, 2016 was the darkest day in the history of the City of Orlando as 49 people were killed and more than 50 injured from a lone gunman at the Pulse Night Club. The City of Orlando utilized the social media accounts of the Orlando Police Department, City and Mayor Buddy Dyer to share information including the names of victims, road closures, press conference details, blood donations, assistance centers, vigils and fund donations. And through the #OrlandoUnited hashtag, helped the community remain united after the horrific act.

2nd PLACE Washington State Patrol “Cascade Mall Shooting Media Response”

3rd PLACE Butte County Sheriff’s Office, California “Butte County Sheriff’s Office response to the Oroville Dam Spillway Emergency”



1st PLACE City of North Port/North Port Police Department, Florida The City of North Port social media policy is a public-facing terms of use policy that includes elements not typically found in government social media policies, such as covering how to contest comment removal and the privacy of children.

2nd PLACE City of Brentwood, Tennessee

3rd PLACE Skagit County, Washington