2018 Golden Post Award Winners

The 2018 Golden Post Awards honoring outstanding use of social media in government were announced on April 25, 2018, at the 2018 Government Social Media Conference & Expo in Denver, CO.



Mary Jo Flynn Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services 

We are pleased to name Mary Jo Flynn as the 2018 Top Social Media Advocate in Government. She currently serves as the Emergency Operations Coordinator for Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services and is known for her work in social media training and coordination of emergency services. Her dedication and passion to the field is evident in her willingness to put herself aside to train, support and mentor others. Those that know her would agree that Mary Jo embodies the true spirit of this award! 




Hootsuite honored the City of Fremont, California during the Golden Post Awards this year by presenting a “Hootsuite Favorite” trophy. The award recognizes the agency’s commitment to transparency, using social to publically engage with citizens across a variety of topics and their understanding of what followers want when they’re engaging across social networks. 




For the second year, Facebook honored an agency with a Golden Post Award known as their “Facebook Favorite” award. This year, the trophy went to the Chatham Emergency Management Agency. This recognition involved the agency’s numerous Facebook Live videos showing behind-the-scenes interaction with their emergency operations center team (and real-time Q&A with the public) during Hurricane Irma. The recognition was also due to the agency’s effective and consistent coverage before, during and after the hurricane. 






1st PLACE City of Los Angeles Personnel Department “Graphics Designer Job Post

The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department employed the use of humor to recruit for job opportunities using all of its social media platforms, resulting in a considerable increase in followers, reach and more applications received for different job opportunities. The usage of puns in the description of posts, use of memes or trending photos has helped the City increase its social media presence in a super creative, and definitely humorous way to create engagement around employment opportunities.

2nd PLACE Fort Worth Police Department “Chewbacca ‘Rookiee’ Video”

3rd PLACE City of Walla Walla, Washington “Iced Pipes Baby Video”






1st PLACE Oakland County, Michigan Crowdsourced Holiday Lights Map Spreads More Than Holiday Cheer

Oakland County launched their first crowdsourced map to help people find and discover Holiday Light Displays in and around the County. Residents, businesses and communities were encouraged to submit their own light displays. GIS technology was utilized to design and create a map that accepted and displayed submissions. A multi-channel digital marketing campaign utilizing the crowdsourced content (photo, videos, etc.) was used to promote the displays and encourage real-world visits to these spectacular shows! Social media analytics and online engagement soared and inspired thousands of residents to explore the county and spread holiday cheer through record-breaking charitable donations! Most notably-and heartwarming is that the four displays that collect charitable donations raised a total of $77,916.50 for local charities.

2nd PLACE Washington Emergency Management Division “How do you ShakeOut? Video Contest”

3rd PLACE Washington State Department of Transportation “Ferries Schedule Photo Contest”






1st PLACE City of Las Vegas Las Vegas In The Wake Of The October 1 Shooting

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada, was recognized for their use of social media to communicate with the public in the wake of the October 1, 2017 mass shooting tragedy at a music festival on the Las Vegas strip. During this difficult and unprecedented crisis, they live streamed all of their press conferences and city leaders also came together to build a healing garden in only four days on a small piece of land near City Hall. Their image of how to find loved ones reached hundreds of millions on social media and the City’s follow-up #hearts4vegas campaign allowed a grieving country to focus on remembering and healing. 

2nd PLACE Chatham Emergency Management Agency “Hurricane Irma: Chatham County’s Story”

3rd PLACE Sarasota County Government “Partners Unite as Hurricane Irma Strikes”




1st PLACE Port of San Diego, CA “Social Media Policy for Official District Social Media Accounts” 

The Port of San Diego’s Social Media Policy was designed by a multi-department team who spent the past year crafting this policy to regulate how the Port establishes, manages, and terminates Official District social media accounts. This is the first time a policy has been established and rolled out. They were concerned with departments/individuals creating their own “Port” social media and wanted staff to know that social media is being handled with appropriate procedures in place. Port of San Diego’s goal was to cut down on the “why do we…” conversations in the hallway and to provide a lot of detailed staff direction that you don’t see on most SM policies. This policy also covers topics often overlooked (password security, branding, etc.). 

2nd PLACE Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

3rd PLACE Orange County Sheriff’s Department






1st PLACE NYC311 City of New York @NYC311 Expansion to 24/7 Service

In 2017, NYC311 set out to transform public engagement via social media. With a strategy of “meeting customers where they are” NYC311 expanded customer interactions from business hours to a 24/7 operation. Doing so increased real time access to government information and services and made social-interactions with the City an on-demand experience, placing customer service front and center. With 500,000 followers across multiple platforms 24/7 was a daunting but welcome challenge for the teams involved. Together city employees created a model for increased accessibility and quality service delivery “every time and any time.” Customer interactions increased 91% in 2017 vs 2016. Even more significant, Service Requests filed through social media jumped over 200%, from 500 to 1,500 versus the prior year. Equally important for the city that never sleeps, time-sensitive and urgent inquiries driven by events, weather, and emergencies were answered in real time, providing relevant and critical information to customers on their schedule and their time of need. 

2nd PLACE Eau Claire Police Department “Scamming the Scammer: Police Officer outs IRS Scam”

3rd PLACE Lawrence Kansas Police Department “Fight the Clowns Recruitment Campaign”