2018 Golden Post Awards

Rules & Eligibility

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If you have any questions about the Golden Post entry process, please contact Government Social Media at (888) 803-9401 ext. 11 or email us.



We must receive your entry by Friday, March 9, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. pacific time. We do not anticipate extending the 2018 entry deadline.



Who May Enter

You may nominate your own agency (most common) or another agency for their work. We will accept entries from citizens, too! Your agency only needs one nomination to be considered.

Eligible agencies include any government or quasi government entity or program from a city, town, township, village, borough, county, state, regional or tribal government or territory of the United States. This awards program is NOT open to federal agencies, educational institutions, military, or any agency outside of the United States or its territories. Members of the GSMO Council or their agencies are not eligible during the year they actively serve on the Council. 

Entry Limit & Repeat Entries

Entries can only be submitted under ONE category, and agencies may not have more than ONE entry per category. Nominations in the 2017 competition are not eligible for re-entry in the 2018 competition. 

Eligible Dates

At least some portion of the entry must have occurred in 2017 or 2018. Social Media Policies entered must have been first published or extensively updated during this time.



The Golden Post Award Committee thoroughly reads all entries. Members of the GSMO Council and Government Social Media staff serve on the committee. In addition to reviewing nominations, we do our own homework as well! We will review social media profiles and research entries. If we receive a nomination for your agency from a citizen or another agency, we may reach out to your agency for further information, as they may not be familiar with the complete details. 

Finalists will be named March 20, and the winners will be announced during the GSMCON2018 awards ceremony. If winners are not present, they will be notified by email and their award will be mailed. 



The GSMCON2018 Golden Post Award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, from 2:45pm – 4pm at the Marriott DTC event ballroom in Denver, Colorado. During this ceremony, we will mention the finalists and announce the winners (typically, we have 1st, 2nd & 3rd places, although some categories may only have 2 places). Third place receives a plaque and first and second places receive a trophy.

Finalists and winners are not required to attend the award ceremony. Only registered GSMCON2018 attendees will be able to participate in the ceremony, so we encourage you to register for attendance if you are selected as a finalist! Nominees, finalists and winners do not receive discounted registration. Please note we anticipate that GSMCON2018 will sell out at a capacity of 700, so we cannot guarantee when registration will close.

If winners are not GSMCON2018 attendees, they will be notified by email and their award will be mailed to their agency.