GSMCON2019 Call for Speakers

Our Call for Speakers is now closed

GSMCON Breakout SessionThe GSMCON2019 Call for Speakers ran in October 2018 and is now closed. Speakers and sessions have been announced.

The Government Social Media Conference runs an annual “Call for Speakers” to seek social media thought leaders and industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with social media coordinators in government.

Speakers receive complimentary admission to the event, recognition on our website and in our event materials, and the prestige of being in the 20% of speaker entries selected to present at the nation’s largest social media conference for government!


Learn more about speaking at GSMCON and read our tips and topic ideas below.

Tips for a Great Entry

Don’t be vague in your session title and description. We see too many “Social Media Strategy” sessions. We want you to be very specific. What specific platform or what specific technique will you be covering in depth?

High level overviews aren’t as sought after as sessions that go into a deep dive on very specific topics.

We love to see hands-on training sessions that teach attendees HOW to do something. Show versus explain. Demonstrations are welcome!

Spend less time focusing on what your agency did and focus more on concrete steps for how the agencies you’ll be teaching can do these things. Don’t use a case study for 100% of your topic.  


Topic Ideas

Your topic doesn’t need to be on this list, but there are several topics that we’d like to see covered this year. Keep in mind that the GSMCON audience is primarily government (city, county, state, law enforcement, special districts, etc.).

  • Social Media Metrics/Analytics/Reporting
  • Writing and Launching a Social Media Policy
  • Social Media Plans or Campaigns
  • Social Media Outreach
    • Multilingual Outreach
    • Behavior Change
    • Reaching Diverse, Underrepresented or Underserved Populations
    • Digital Divide
  • Platforms (deep dives into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. Not high level overviews.)
  • Managing/Training Social Media Teams
  • Managing Citizen Comments & Dealing with Negativity
  • Social Media Advertising (in-depth, not a high level overview)
  • Social Media in Public Safety
    • Community Policing & Neighborhood Outreach (We don’t get into social media for forensics at GSMCON, but we do focus on the public outreach side of law enforcement)
    • Social Media in Fire Service and Law Enforcement
    • Social Media in Emergencies
  • Assistive Technologies and ADA Compliance
  • Video Platforms & Tips
  • Monitoring/Listening/Intelligence Gathering
  • Elected Officials’ Profiles & Issues


Speaker Terms & Conditions

All GSMCON2019 speakers must agree and adhere to our terms & conditions. 

– I will consent to the audio recording of my session to be included in a Virtual Pass.

– I will present from the provided conference laptop.

– I will watch/view a 30-min pre-conference speaker’s webinar.

– I will use the provided PowerPoint template and will provide any slides to GSM (may be in PDF format and any notes may be omitted) by April 8, 2019, with the understanding that it will be provided to attendees for download.

– I will provide my biography and headshot for use on the conference website to GSMCON staff by Friday, November 16, 2018.

– The complimentary speaker admission is not transferable. If I cannot host my session or need to cancel for any reason, I will notify GSMCON staff as soon as possible and I will not receive complimentary admission, nor a virtual pass.

– In the event I cannot host my session, I may recommend a replacement speaker, but understand that GSMCON staff may or may not accept the replacement and may choose to cancel the session entirely.


Speaker Registration

Speakers will be provided with a special registration link for the complimentary pass. If you already registered, you will receive a refund. Applicants who are not selected will be notified by November 16, 2018 and will still have time to register before the close of Early-Bird Registration on November 30, 2018.