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GSMCON2019 is our 5th annual conference for government social media managers!

The Government Social Media Conference (GSMCON) is the only major social media conference for U.S. city, county and state government. The event is run by Government Social Media LLC, founders of the Government Social Media Organization (GSMO). 

The fifth annual GSMCON will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, from April 2-4, 2019!  Here is a compact, one-page Executive Summary that you can use for your training/travel approvals. As of early March 2019, over 800 people have registered for the event!

  • Collaborate with a network of state and local social media managers.
  • Learn strategy and technique from experts and peers.
  • Maximize your program to bring value to your citizens.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone interested in learning how to strategically use social media in city, county and state government. Other public sector agencies are also welcome, including federal government, education, military and quasi-government entities. The event is also open to private industry.

– Social Media Coordinators

– Public Information Officers

– Digital Media Managers

– Emergency Managers

– Law Enforcement

– Elected Officials

– Marketing & Communication Managers

– Chief Information Officers & Directors

– Multimedia Designers

– Video Producers

– Legal Staff

– Webmasters


Previous GSMCON Locations

The first two GSMCONs were held in Reno, Nevada – the city where Government Social Media LLC is based. The event moved to downtown Dallas in 2017, then over to Denver, Colorado in 2018. We hope to see you in Nashville for the fifth anniversary of our event!

GSMCON2019 | Nashville, Tennessee (upcoming)

GSMCON2018 | Denver, Colorado

GSMCON2017 | Dallas, Texas

GSMCON2016 | Reno, Nevada

GSMCON2015 | Reno, Nevada