Camara Lewis

Camara LewisCamara Lewis has been the social media and website coordinator at the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) for the past year. She oversees all digital content which aims to boost awareness to the public and department stakeholders on department issues, initiatives and activities. Over the past year Camara has helped grow the department social accounts by three fold on Twitter and 50 percent on Facebook. She also managed to add four additional sister Twitter accounts and launched a podcast and YouTube channel to diversely present the departments’ message to a broader audience.

Camara holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising: Management and Media from Michigan State University, Go Green! Prior to her employment with the MDOC Camara was a social media intern for Meridian Townships’ local access cable channel HOMtv, a New York City based Australian clothing boutique and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, formerly known as the Michigan Department of Human Services.