Gina Florence

Gina FlorenceGina Florence serves as the Marketing and Communications Supervisor for the City of Bryan, Texas. Before starting this role in March 2014, all she knew about local government, she learned while watching Parks and Rec on TV.

Gina has worked for a luxury retailer, a dot com, and most recently a lobbying group in Washington, DC, where she helped drive online memberships and lead digital strategies including social media, digital advocacy, and affiliate marketing.

Working for the City, she has put her non-government experience to work to boost economic development, city programs, and tourism across all online channels. In addition to marketing, she serves as the PIO for the City of Bryan and Bryan Texas Utilities.

As a graduate of Texas Tech, she never imagined she would live in a former Big 12 rival’s city. But after spending six years away from Texas, when an opportunity to move back presented, she and her husband said goodbye to the Beltway and 395-traffic, trading it for smallish-town living.