Government Got Game: Social Media Content Gamification

Don JacobsonDon Jacobson will present the informative session “Government Got Game: Social Media Content Gamification” as a breakout session at GSMCON. Don will introduce conference attendees to the concept of gamification, the practice of incorporating game mechanics into non-game applications.

Applying a game-like aspect to content delivered via social media platforms can help government entities and their social media managers improve their relationships with citizens. Don will discuss and explain real-world social media gamification examples taken from local, state, and federal agencies.

Don has been a Business Partner for the City of Las Vegas since 2001, and serves as a liaison between the city’s IT department and several lines of city business, collaborating with them to leverage current technologies to meet business needs.

GSMCON attendees will benefit from “Government Got Game” and dozens of other informative sessions and keynotes created especially for government social media professionals, as well as a vendor expo highlighting social media products geared toward state and local agencies.