About the Local Host Committee

What is the Committee?

The Local Host Committee is an advisory group of appointed volunteers to serve specific functions for the Government Social Media Conference. Members are typically highly engaged social media or communication professionals in the public sector and work in or near the city or greater region where GSMCON is being held. 

We’re excited to bring GSMCON2019 to Nashville, Tennessee, and thrilled to form a group of dynamic professionals who know major players in the region, can help get key agencies involved and who are excited to make the event a total success for both the region and our nation!



Members are expected to participate in a one-hour committee meeting (via conference call) every month leading up to the event. Additionally, members will serve on at least two sub-committees, which will have their own calls and email correspondence. 

Members can also expect to have on-site duties during GSMCON, depending on what committees they serve on. These may be assisting with set-up and tear-down, serving as networking ambassadors during the welcome reception, assistance manning the information booth, helping facilitate the restaurant romp, serving as PowerTalk facilitators, etc. We recognize that some people are comfortable speaking onstage while others enjoy working behind-the-scenes magic, so we’ll work with members to find suitable opportunities that work for everyone! 

The 2019 LHC terms runs through April 2019. GSMCON2019 ends on April 4, and we’ll schedule various committee wrap-up calls later in the month.



Members of the LHC receive complimentary admission to GSMCON2019 in Nashville, Tennessee, and up to three nights stay at the event venue (the Gaylord Opryland Resort) during the event if needed. Because many LHC members will be local, some may prefer to drive to the venue daily.

LHC members also receive recognition for their participation on the GSMCON2019 website, in the event program and verbal recognition at the event. Your service on the LHC will make a significant impact on the success of the event!



We’ve identified three initial sub-committees as we kick off the group, although the LHC may recommend others. Each sub-committee may have a chairperson.

Networking Committee: Serve as networking ambassadors and help with the welcome reception, restaurant romp and other networking opportunities.

Public Relations Committee: Shares ideas for local and national marketing, as well as encouraging participation by agencies within the state and greater region. 

Diversity & Inclusion Committee: Supports the inclusion of both under-represented groups and considerations for the needs of those with disabilities. May involve serving on panels, promoting the call for speakers and awards programs, and more.



LHC members will likely work in or near the city or greater region where GSMCON is being held – for 2019 that is Nashville, Tennessee. Members of the LHC must be employed full- or part-time in the public sector. Members of the committee must have involvement in social media or communications for their agency in some capacity.

Previous attendance at GSMCON is very helpful, but not required. A non-disclosure agreement between incoming members and Government Social Media LLC will be required and LHC members must agree not to disclose any private information such as attendee registration information, operational data or explicitly private information. Committee members must agree to represent the best interests of the conference and demonstrate respect for each other, integrity and civility throughout their term.     


Application Process

We accepted applications to serve on the Local Host Committee from September 17-28, 2018. Committee members have been selected. 



Q. What if I don’t work in Tennessee but want to be involved?
A. If you’re in the greater region, make a good case on your application! For those who don’t work in the area, we’ll also have volunteer opportunities at GSMCON2019. Volunteer applications will be accepted in early 2019 as we refine our program.

Q. How many people will be selected for the Local Host Committee?
A. We’re hopeful to select approximately 10 members to serve on the committee.

Q. How many sub-committees can LHC members serve on?
A. The minimum is two but members may request to be on more if their schedule permits.

Q. Will LHC members be reimbursed for parking charges?
A. Yes, we will reimburse LHC committee members for their on-site parking at the venue during our event.

Q. Will my meals be covered at the conference for LHC members?
A. LHC members will have access to the conference meals included as a part of a normal ticket: Continental breakfasts and buffet lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday, and continental breakfast only on Thursday.