Michael Jander

Mike JanderMichael Jander was a detective constable with Toronto Police Services for almost 25 years before joining AGSI.
 During his career he worked in many fields including priority response, community policing, marine policing, Tactical Waterborne Operations, Public Safety Diving, communications, intelligence and investigative support.

Michael is currently a Detective Advisor with the Royal Saint Christopher’s and Nevis Police Force’s Covert Operations Section.

It was in the area of investigative support he feels he made his biggest contribution. His role was to use technology as an investigative tool to track criminals and help lead to their arrests.

During the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto, Ontario $2.1 million dollars in damage was caused in under 31 minutes. One of only 8 investigators assigned to finding those responsible, Michael spent hundreds of hours looking over 55,000 images and 220 hours of video. Using facial recognition technology and social media he assisted in bringing charges against many of the offenders.

Michael held a similar position when he moved to 43 Division in Toronto. Here he was responsible for investigative support and utilized similar technology to connect suspects to crimes in the area.

Now working for AGSI, Michael has developed a social media intelligence tool currently being used by police services and emergency managers world wide.

As Director of Intelligence and Technical Operations for the Canadian Tactical Officers Association, Michael works with international Police agencies in developing leading technology to assist with tactical deployments of officers in the filed and intelligence best practices.

Michael is a frequent speaker at conferences world wide for Social Media Intelligence and Incident Management for Law Enforcement.