Michelle Bellon

Michelle BellonMichelle Bellon is the Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy at Rescue. She spearheads the strategic development of innovative behavior change campaigns that focus on health communication, policy change and norm change. Michelle has nine years of experience working on marketing campaigns for young people. Her work spans a variety of topics such as tobacco use, high-risk alcohol use, substance/opioid use, safer sex practices and environmental responsibility.

At Rescue, Michelle has led nearly 100 behavior change campaigns that have helped Rescue’s clients achieve their objectives with hyper-targeted populations. She has extensive experience communicating cohesive health messages seamlessly across wide range of channels: websites, digital and traditional media, social media, influencers, events and more.

Prior to joining Rescue, Michelle graduated cum laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Sociology, minor in SocioCultural Linguistics. She went on to work at the university’s Alcohol & Drug Program. During her work there, Michelle led a results-based campaign on behalf of the Prevention Research Center’s Safer California Universities Project to reduce binge drinking amongst college students attending the UC campuses across California. She also led various other public health efforts around tobacco and opioid use.