Revamped Golden Post Awards to Re-Launch in 2020

The Golden Post Awards program, which recognizes outstanding use of social media in government, will be revamped following collaboration with the government social media community.

The Golden Post Awards program is going on hiatus for 2019 and will re-launch with an updated awards program in 2020 as we use this time to collaborate with government social media professionals and revitalize the program.

Our four-year tradition of honoring the best of the best in government social media has grown every year in number of entries. Facebook even got involved in 2018, awarding a “Facebook Favorite” Golden Post Award to the Chatham Emergency Management Agency for their tremendous efforts in communicating with the public via live video during Hurricane Irma. GPA trophy winners are applauded by their agencies and receive local and national news coverage.

We want to revisit everything from the award categories to judging process to the awards ceremony itself. The new program will showcase outstanding results in this ever-changing social media environment and will focus on involving previous winners throughout the process.

The GSMCON2019 event in Nashville will be an ideal platform to collect ideas through table discussions with government attendees and major social networks, and we’ll extend the collaboration opportunity to non-attendees through online and social media feedback.

Any eligible social media posts, projects or campaigns that have occurred since GSMCON2018 will be eligible for the 2020 competition.

About the Golden Post Awards

  • Founded in 2015 and presented at the first Government Social Media Conference. The awards program continued in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Exclusively designed to honor outstanding use of social media by local and state government agencies in the U.S.
  • Previous nomination categories included Best Use of Humor on Social Media, Social Media Crisis Communications, Best Use of Crowdsourcing, Government Social Media Policy and Outstanding Social Media Results. GSMCON also selected a “Top Social Media Advocate for Government” award recipient and Facebook presented a “Facebook Favorite” award.



Where can we submit suggestions or ideas if we are not attending GSMCON2019?

Email us at with any suggestions you have for the Golden Post Awards, including new categories.


When will the nomination period be open for the Golden Post Awards for GSMCON2020?

Our tentative timeline is to open up the nomination period in late December 2019 and have it close in late January 2020.


Will the new categories and criteria be announced prior to opening the nomination period?

Yes, we’ll be requesting feedback over the next several months, and all of the updated categories, rules and eligibility will be posted and promoted on the conference website prior to the nomination period opening.


Will the award ceremony still be held at GSMCON?

Yes, the revamped Golden Post Award ceremony will be held on-location at GSMCON2020. The location and venue will be announced during the closing session of GSMCON2019.


Is there a cost to submit an entry?

No. We strongly feel that awards should be given on the merits of the entry, not on the ability of the agency to pay an entry fee.


Do you have to attend the conference to be eligible to enter?

No. Attendance to GSMCON2020 is not mandatory to submit nominations, nor to be named a finalist or winner.


Do you have to be present to win?

While winners will be announced at GSMCON2020, you do not need to be present to accept the award. We will mail trophies to winners if they aren’t present.