Canva vs. Pixlr

Canva is a free desktop and mobile web tool used to create beautiful designs for social media that can be turned into cards, flyers, posters, or other types of print media. Canva is very simple to use and in addition to its vast array of customizable templates, it has basic photo editing functionality such as cropping, rotating, and intensity control.

Pixlr is a free desktop and mobile web photo editing tool. In addition to basic photo editing functionality you can erase parts of images, change colors, layer images and text, add over 100 effects, and manipulate images in many other creative ways.

Throughout our government agencies we have employees contributing to social media who are not web designers or even social media experts. They may only need photo editing tools occasionally so do not want to spend the money for expensive tools. These two tools provide much of the same features as the expensive tools with little to no cost. Conference attendees will learn how to use these tools and our strategies for turning non-professionals into design minded social media contributors.

We will start with a few images and an idea for a social media post advertising an event. We will take the images and combine and transform them using Pixlr. From there we import the single image into Canva and create a social media post incorporating your city/agency’s style using one of their many pre-defined templates.

Instead of a competition, how about a collaboration? We think that Pixlr + Canva = engaging social media content that all your contributors can learn to use.

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