Shino Tanaka

Shino TanakaShino Tanaka serves as the Public Safety Social Media & Community Coordinator and Public Information Officer for the Mountain View Police Department (MVPD) where she is responsible for all digital communications both externally and internally. Additionally, she oversees development, planning and implementation of the department’s long-term social and digital media strategies and tactics.

Shino has spoken on matters of community management and digital media since 2008 most recently at the International Association of Chiefs of Police and California Police Chiefs Association where she also sits on the Legitimacy, Procedural Justice & Recruitment Committee. Shino is a former police officer with the City of Menlo Park having also served as a Reserve Police Officer with the San Francisco Police Department. Prior to joining MVPD, Shino spent several years at start-ups focused on community management and social product development. During this time, she led a variety of strategic initiatives, as well as the digital media marketing tactics to grow, scale and sustain them.

She was the first U.S hire of Finnish-based start-up Tinkercad (acquired by AutoDesk in 2013) as their Director of Customer Development where she was responsible for expanding their product and community in the U.S. marketplace. Shino was also one of five employees of a Palo Alto, CA based start-up acquired by Johnson & Johnson in August of 2007.

You can follow her on Twitter: @shinotanaka.