Social Media Law Expert Leads Training for Government Employees

Julie TappendorfAttorney Julie Tappendorf will present a session on “Keeping it Legal on Social Media” at the 2015 Government Social Media Conference & Expo (GSMCON) in Reno, Nevada, this spring. This highly requested training covers several hot legal topics related to government use of social media.

Julie is a partner with Chicago firm, Ancel Glink, and has represented numerous government entities on matters related to the legal and ethical side of using social media. She is the co-author of the book Social Media & Local Governments: Navigating the New Public Square (ABA Press, 2013) and is the blogger behind Municipal Minute, where she writes about laws, cases, and other topics related to the government use of social media.

Conference attendees will learn how social networking impacts the First Amendment and other laws. Julie will cover other commonly misunderstood areas of social media and the law, including what agencies can and cannot do regarding their employees’ personal social media use, as well as the the importance of developing and implementing a social media policy.

Early-Bird Registration Closes Jan. 5

GSMCON is the first national social media conference for U.S. city, county and state government agencies. Early-bird registration closes January 5, 2015!