2019 Speaker Terms & Conditions

All GSMCON2019 speakers must agree and adhere to our terms & conditions. 

  • I will consent to the audio recording of my session to be included in a Virtual Pass.
  • I will present from the provided conference laptop.
  • I will watch/view a 30-min pre-conference speaker’s webinar.
  • I will use the provided PowerPoint template and will provide any slides to GSM (may be in PDF format and any notes may be omitted) by April 8, 2019, with the understanding that it will be provided to attendees for download.
  • I will provide my biography and headshot for use on the conference website to GSMCON staff by Nov. 16, 2019 (extended to Monday, Nov. 26, 2018)
  • The complimentary speaker admission is not transferable. If I cannot host my session or need to cancel for any reason, I will notify GSMCON staff as soon as possible and I will not receive complimentary admission, nor a virtual pass.
  • In the event I cannot host my session, I may recommend a replacement speaker, but understand that GSMCON staff may or may not accept the replacement and may choose to cancel the session entirely.