Cheryl Bledsoe

Executive Director, Virtual EMA

By day, Cheryl is the Technology Manager for Clackamas County 911. After hours, she is the Executive Director of the Virtual Emergency Management Association (www.virtualema.org) which aims to build partnerships between emerging technical companies, emergency services and higher education.

Cheryl became familiar with social media as an Emergency Manager in SW Washington. She has been responsible for implementing local, regional and state social media footprints which have included policy development, website redesign and platform presence.

Her most notable accomplishments have included the development of Virtual Operation Support Teams (VOST) to monitor social media during incidents of national and international significance.

Despite her resume, she is probably best known for accidentally creating the hashtag #CookingWithCheryl by burning hard-boiled eggs, marrying her geeky fingerpainting partner from kindergarten at the Church of Elvis and, despite believing she would never have children, has spawned two mini-me’s that are the light of her life.

Breakout Session

Set Up a Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) to Help in Crises

Evergreen A/B

This past year saw a number of intense storms and hurricanes, wildfires, active shooters and more. VOST teams can help and support you in distributing your message and in engaging in social listening. This session will focus on VOST best practices, tips and trends in developing and training teams. Following this session, we will engage […]

Training & Governance